SIGN the PAMDA Initiative

How to SIGN the PAMDA Initiative

The State of Idaho does not allow for electronic signature gathering. But we’re going to give you the next best thing: all the help needed to print and sign the PAMDA initiative from your own computer. Spread the word!

Help me legalize marijuana the Idaho Way. Get your #PAMDA Petition to put personal private adult marijuana possession on the 2022 ballot.

STEP ONE: Print the initiative.

Click that button below to download your copy of the PAMDA initiative. You can print it out on standard 8½” x 11″ paper (single- or double-sided) and staple it in the top-left corner.

STEP TWO: Gather up to ten signatures.

You can collect up to ten signatures per petition you print, but make sure you know these important rules first:

  • YOU must be at least 18 years old and an Idaho resident to collect signatures1.
  • YOU must show the cover page to all signers and the entire initiative and funding statements to any signer who asks.
  • SIGNERS must be registered Idaho voters2.
  • SIGNERS must sign in black ink only. Make sure they print legibly and sign like they signed their driver’s license / ID.
  • PETITIONS can only include signers from the same county3.
  • PETITIONS must include the entire initiative with each signature page4.

Scroll to the bottom for more notes on the signature gathering process.

STEP THREE: Get your petition notarized.

Once you’ve gathered your signatures, take the petition to a notary public. You need not collect all ten signatures5; even a petition with just your signature is welcome. Fill out the bottom portion of the signature page with the county it is from, your name and address, and your signature in the presence of the notary public (in other words, don’t fill out that bottom portion until you’re in front of the notary public). You can usually find a notary at your bank or credit union and sometimes at the post office.

STEP FOUR: Mail your notarized petition to Idaho Way.

One petition should fold up and mail in a standard #10 envelope with the usual first class stamp. If you have multiple petitions, you might want to send them in a 9″ x 12″ manila envelope. Send them to our campaign at the address below and we’ll tally the signatures and forward them to the appropriate county clerks.

Legalize the Idaho Way
215 E Main St #207
Parma, Idaho 83660

That’s all it takes to add up to ten signatures of family and friends to help us Legalize the Idaho Way with PAMDA.

More notes on signature gathering…

  1. You do not have to be a registered voter to collect signatures from registered voters in Idaho, interestingly enough.
  2. We can’t stress enough that signers need to be registered Idaho voters. You or they can easily and quickly check their voter registration on their phone or computer by visiting and clicking the “Check Your Voter Record” button. If they are not registered, they can click “New/Update Voter Registration” using info from their driver’s license or ID.
  3. If your signers are from different counties, you’ll need to have a separate petition for each of the counties. It’s a good idea to add a Post-It note to the bottom of your signature page with the county name in big letters, so signers are certain they’ve got the right county.
  4. Yes, each petition has to include the entire initiative, you cannot print just one initiative and then a bunch of separate signature pages for each county (which would save paper, save money, and save space, but no, we can’t do that).
  5. If you leave any of the signature lines empty, if someone writes in a signature line incorrectly, or someone just wants to take their name off the petition, just draw a single line through that whole line in black ink. Don’t scribble it out or use White-Out.


In the State of Idaho, people convicted of felonies lose their right to vote. You probably know that. But what they don’t tell you is that once you have completed your sentence and finished parole and probation (get “off papers”), YOU AUTOMATICALLY GET YOUR RIGHT TO VOTE RETURNED.

That’s right—if you are “off papers,” you can register to vote RIGHT NOW by visiting, and then you can sign the PAMDA initiative.

And even if you are still on probation or parole, even though you can’t sign the initiative, you can still collect signatures for it if you are an Idaho resident age a18 or older.

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