Ontario, Oregon, Continues Selling Over $9 Million Worth of Marijuana Monthly, Mostly to Idahoans

Tiny Ontario, Oregon, continues to sell over $9 million worth of marijuana products every month, even though a new 24-hour legal marijuana shop opened on the southern border with Nevada in the border town of Jackpot.

According to the latest sales figures compiled at marijuana.oregon.gov, Malheur County (in which only the border town of Ontario allows sales) tallied over $111 million in marijuana sales in 2021. That bests the city’s 2020 marijuana sales by about $20 million.

For 2021, that amounts to an average of $9.2 million in monthly sales, from which Ontario derives about $276,000 in tax revenue and the state as a whole extracts another $1.5 million, each and every month.

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