About the Idaho Way

IdahoWay.org is a project of Legalization the Idaho Way, Inc., an Idaho-incorporated non-profit political action committee. We represent a grassroots coalition of Idaho medical cannabis patients, Idaho marijuana consumers, Idaho parents, and Idaho businesses that recognize the futility of trying to maintain criminal marijuana prohibition when every state bordering Idaho allows some form of marijuana sales to adults.

While we believe no Idaho adult is a criminal for using legally-purchased marijuana in their own homes or private property, we also recognize that marijuana legalization in our neighboring states has introduced a commercial aspect to marijuana that increases use, entices youth, and influences lawmakers.

By promoting PAMDA, we believe we can legalize marijuana the Idaho Way, which means respecting the liberty of Idaho adults to use of marijuana in their own homes or private property, be it for medical or recreational purposes, without opening the floodgates to marijuana shops, neighborhood marijuana grows, and marijuana lobbying, while preserving the ability of police to respond to public use, use by minors, cultivation, and large-scale marijuana and drug trafficking.

By passing PAMDA, we recognize that we’re never going to stop Idaho adults from crossing the border to purchase marijuana. So let’s incentivize them to do so in a responsible manner and take away marijuana profits from in-state black market dealers of marijuana.

Our spokesperson is Russ Belville, a veteran of marijuana policy reform who helped design and worked within the recreational marijuana program in the state of Oregon. An Idaho native, Russ has returned to his home state having learned both the benefits of ending the arrest and prosecution of adults who enjoy marijuana responsibly and the pitfalls of establishing a commercial marijuana market that prioritizes profit over public well-being. Russ knows that Idahoans treasure their unique lifestyle and that marijuana legalization will have to proceed the Idaho Way in order to to gain statewide acceptance.